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Top 5 Fan Source Manufacturers in China

Top 5 Fan Source Manufacturers in China

August 12, 2022

Latest company news about Top 5 Fan Source Manufacturers in China

In recent years, global warming is becoming more and more serious, fan as a necessary summer relief supply, there is a very high demand around the world, compared to air conditioning, which is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and has low installation costs, outdoor and indoor can be used.

Although the manufacturing base in Southeast Asia is gradually shifting from China to Vietnam and other countries, according to a large number of trade data, the export of Chinese fans still occupies a large part. more low-cost, high-volume transportation of cumbersome industrial fans exported by Vietnam and other places, but new fans and other fans are still exported by China.

Today we will analyze the fan manufactory in China.


1. Airmate: Quality is the life of Emmet

Airmate was founded in Taiwan in 1973, and its brand name originated from making fresh air. It has long focused on air quality improvement household appliances and was mainly engaged in the manufacture and export of electric fans at the beginning of its business. With the dedication to quality and pragmatic innovation, Airmate has continued to grow and thrive. Since 1997, we have focused on the development of their own brands in the Chinese market. After many years of market cultivation, Airmet has penetrated into all parts of China, has crossed over to new product areas such as electric heaters and healthy small home appliances, and has become a leading brand of high-quality small home appliances in the Chinese market. airdate was successfully listed in Taiwan in March 2013 and signed a contract to establish airdate Jiujiang Small Home Appliance Industrial Park in May 2014.

Airmate has always insisted on providing quality products and services. In 2015, Emmett released a new brand strategy - "Comfortable Environment Made for You", the first in the industry to promote a quality air integration system, from the air temperature, humidity, quality, and circulation four dimensions to evaluate the air quality, the use of perception technology will be integrated, appropriate with the different seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter Use to electric fans, electric heaters, air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, new air systems and other six categories of air products. Airmate expects to create quality air solutions for every Chinese family so that every user can enjoy a comfortable, convenient, healthy, and pleasant living environment!

Based on strong R&D capability and industrial design team, Airmate has gathered more than 600 R&D elites from Japan, France, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China, as well as industrial designers from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and mainland China. After 40 years of focus on motor research and development and design, since 2011, we have pioneered the motor field, mastered the core technology of DC motor, and developed a series of energy-efficient DC fans, ventilating fans, and other products. In addition, Their rich design and development experience can be tailored to the consumer characteristics of different regional markets, and They can develop more than 200 new products every year, launching a new product every 1.5 days on average, with the flexibility and competitive advantage needed to adjust to market changes, so that Emmett products can lead the trend and always maintain a leading position in the market.

Airmate has more than 60 assembly lines and various mature and advanced parts production departments including metalworking, plastic, stamping, screen making, lathe, motor, painting, printing, printing, PCB, mold manufacturing with advanced CAD/CAM processing equipment, and perfect mold design center, which can realize challenging design and technology at home and abroad. Its production capacity can reach 20 million units of small appliances, 14 million sets of motors, and 1,200 sets of molds per year, with a product self-production capacity of over 95%.


2. Midea:
Established in 1968."After 54 years of development, Midea has become a global technology group integrating five business segments: smart home, building technology, industrial technology, robotics and automation, and digital innovation. In the past 5 years, it has invested nearly 45 billion in R&D (more than 3.5% of annual revenue), has 28 R&D centers and 34 major production bases around the world, and its products and services benefit about 400 million users in more than 200 countries and regions worldwide. It has formed a multi-brand portfolio including Midea, Swan, Toshiba, Hualing, Bugu, COLMO, Clivet, Eureka, Kuka, GMCC, Welling, Linwang, and Wandong.



Diamond fans began in 1964, Guangzhou Light Industry Group, the early domestic home appliance brand, 1975 developed a plastic flat set of shell fans, leading the industry, the fame. Diamond fans were exported to more than 50 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, and other overseas countries in the 1970s and 1980s, and still enjoy a good reputation in Southeast Asia.

Diamond fans, which began in 1964 in Guangzhou, the city of Yangtze, are one of the earlier home appliance brands in China. In the 1960s, Diamond fans were born, replacing the traditional hand-cranked fans and becoming an electrical appliance in childhood homes and a necessity of life in southern China during the Zhiqing era, opening the Silk Road of the electric fan era from south to north and changing national life from then on.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Diamond fans began to be exported to more than 50 countries and regions in Asia and Europe, and still enjoy a good reputation in Southeast Asia, becoming the representative of Canton goods.


4. Hebronfan: 

Shenzhen Hebron Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It is located in Songgang District, Shenzhen City, China. located at an industrial park of 15,000 square meters with 200 employees, annual output of 30 million products, 30 QC personnel, and 20 engineers. We are dedicated to product development and design. On top of that, we started out in mold design and manufacturing particularly in injection molding, assembly, and aging tests. With over ten years of experience, plastic mold design and the parts we produced have been used in various industries.

With dozens of items such as various patents and copyrights, it has successfully provided OEM processing services and ODM design services, to many well-known businesses. From design, development, mold opening, injection molding, production, and testing to the entire industrial chain processing.

The word "Hebron" comes from ancient Hebrew,It is a city in southern Palestine, 30 kilometers south of Jerusalem, with 166000 Palestinian and 700-800 Jewish settlers. It is the holy city next only to Jerusalem.

The cause of Hebron: Hebron is a blessed land and source, and all are blessed by Hebron. Hebron is the place where the ancestors lived in the Bible. Hebron, the original meaning of communion, with God will have complete joy, satisfaction, peace, and intimacy. Communication with people produces harmony. So that the company and customers, suppliers, and employees create a better life together. Make the company beneficial to society and the country.

Hebron’s vision: to build the first listed group company with mold manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing as its main business.

Hebron’s mission: to strengthen enterprises and rejuvenate China!

Hebron’s core values:
Enterprise rule 1: all customer-oriented, continue to create value for customers and even life-long value!

Enterprise rule 2: the customer is the standard to test the truth!

Enterprise rule 3: four hearts of achievement remain unchanged: to achieve the heart of suppliers, customers, employees and enterprises!

Hebron business philosophy: quality determines survival; technology excellence; customers, suppliers, employees, the company win-win of four directions situation.

Hebron’s six improvements:

1. Pay no less than anyone’s efforts;

2. Be modest and not proud;

3. Reflect every day;

4. Live with gratitude;

5. Do good and think altruistic;

6. Forget the emotional worries!

Since Shenzhen Hebron Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established in 2005, the company has pursued the spirit of "striving to surpass and pursuing excellence", and has made remarkable achievements under the support and leadership of the superior departments.

Shenzhen Hebron Technology Co., Ltd. takes the scientific development concept as the guidance, deepens the reform, innovates the development, under the joint efforts of all staff, has obtained outstanding achievement, has won many honorary titles, and the enterprise's comprehensive quality unceasingly enhances. Especially in the main business (mold processing; injection molding; plastic mold;) development achievements are obvious to all. Relying on the human resource management concept of cautious "Introduction", excellent "training", advocating "competition", flexible "use" and thick "treatment", in the development process, it has created a talented team with reasonable structure, proficient in business, exquisite technology, brave in innovation and high loyalty, and also made the company grow from small to big, from puniness to strong, and grow into a powerful industry.

With the past 15 years of experience, we have been committed to delivering high-quality products and optimizing them with our best team to fulfill the requirements of shaveliers, staff, and the company. Our reputation has been recognized by our key customers such as TCL, Philip, and Lenovo. We are humble and yet keep expanding the product portfolio and business with our customers. The technical team which is the heart of our company is one key pillar to keep our company’s engine pumping. while our sales team is the head of the train to bring the new flow of blood to the company. By leveraging 15 years of manufacturing experience, I am excited and confident that we will expand our market all over the world in the year 2025. I believe people across the globe will hold our products and continue to flourish and grow in the future.


It mainly designs and develops: USB fans, humidifiers, and beauty instruments, our company has more than 50 mold opening equipment, more than 20 injection molding machines, more than 150 production employees, independent quality management, and suitable office space. After years of development, we can successfully provide OEM processing services and ODM design services. From design, development, mold opening, injection molding, production, assembly、aging testing, and testing to the entire industrial chain processing.

We have a Complete and mature quality management system.

About assembly line. we set seven quality inspectors,

1. the first part is checking the balance of the fan blade and the voltage and current of the motor, by the way, our motors are all brushless DC motors and have high quality and certifications. we not only have the Dynamic Balance Measuring Instrument but also need more careful testing. what we want is quality first. When we buy a fan, the problem we often encounter is that the fan is noisy, which has something to do with the balance of the fan blade. Therefore, we need to check the balance of the fan blade many times. On the other hand, the normal output of current and voltage determines whether the motor can run normally, which is also related to the fan noise. Therefore, more accurate detection is needed.

2. In this way, our operator is checking the PCB circuit board. from the point of view of our experience of fan production, we know that the circuit board is closely related to normal operation and control of the fan, many fan manufacturers have received complaints about circuit board. If the circuit board is not in good contact or can not run perfectly, it will lead to the button can not control the fan perfectly, which will undoubtedly bring great loss to customers and ourselves.

3. When it comes to the operation, we have to mention the next part, detection of pushbutton gear, in order to avoid gear failure. According to our years of production experience, the key can not control the fan perfectly. PCB circuit board is one of the reasons, which is technical, and the other part is that the key can not perfectly coincide with the internal parts of the product during the assembly process, which will lead to improper contact and is also one of the reasons for invalid keys. Therefore, we adopt the method of detecting keys to avoid this problem

4. As we all know, the blade is the most important to a fan's performance, so in this way, we can detect if the fan is fitted with abnormal, such as vibration, noise, imbalance, and so on, If the above problems appear in this part, then we need to check the previous steps. Continuous testing and constant reflection are our consistent manufacturing methods. In order to produce high-quality products, it is very necessary and indispensable

5. The next part is to check to charge port. Sometimes the interface is unstable and the product can not be charged properly. In the electrical age, most products need to be charged, so the charging port is very important to us. When we want to charge, we find that there is a problem with the charging port. I think this has a great impact on the user experience. Generally, we mainly detect two aspects: one is whether the charging port is in the wrong position during assembly, which will lead to the failure of normal connection and charging Wire, but whether it can be charged normally, which has an indispensable relationship with the circuit board.

6. In this part, we need to check the surface, and prevent packaging breakage, scratches, color errors, and other questions, Appearance inspection is also very important. As a seller, we know how important it is to give the first impression to the buyer, which is also a reflection of our work and service attitude

7. At last, we tested the lack of accessories by weighing. Because when the product is completely assembled and packed, opening again will definitely affect the packaging, so we use the weighing method to detect whether there are missing parts, which can improve the production efficiency and ensure our quality


5. Dyson:

The Dyson brand is ranked among the top 500 European companies and currently has 1,500 of the world's * best and top designers, scientists, and engineers, focusing on product development and innovation. The brand's products are sold in 62 countries around the world and are a leader in the UK, US, and Japan, with customers including the British Royal Family and the US White House.

Dyson is dedicated to the invention and innovation of digital engines, washing machines, and even vacuum cleaners themselves. It is the world's first "bladeless fan" product and has applied for patents for inventions and utility models in many countries, including China. The reason why it is so unique and loved by users all over the world is that its *big feature is no dust bag, strong suction power and will not weaken, excellent filtration and very simple operation, and environmental protection. Dyson has a lot of influence on overseas platforms such as Amazon for products such as fans.