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How to Find A Suitable Mini Fan?

How to Find A Suitable Mini Fan?

August 12, 2022

Latest company news about How to Find A Suitable Mini Fan?

latest company news about How to Find A Suitable Mini Fan?  0

1. What is the Mini Fan?

2. All Parts For Fans.

3. About Fan's Blades.

4. About Fan's Battery.

5. After Sale For Fans.

1. What is the Mini Fan?

A fan is an appliance used to generate wind for cooling on hot days. It is a device driven by electricity to produce airflow, and the fan is equipped with electric rotation to convert mechanical energy into wind energy, thus converting it into the natural wind to achieve a cooling effect. It is a kind of household appliance that uses an electric motor to drive the rotation of fan blades to accelerate the circulation of air, mainly for cooling and circulation of air. It is widely used in homes, classrooms, offices, stores, hospitals, and hotels.

The common household electric fan is essentially an axial fan, i.e. the flow of wind is parallel to the rotation axis of the fan blade.

(1) household electric fans: ceiling fans, table fans, floor fans, wall fans, top fans, ventilating fans, flip fans, air conditioning fans (i.e., chillers), etc.; table fans and the difference between shaking and not shaking the head, there are also flip fans; floor fans in the shaking head, flip pages. There is also a breeze small electric fan, which is especially hung in the mosquito net, summer night sleep, a sudden breeze to open it, you can sleep peacefully, and will not get sick. Warm tip, the fan is easy to stick to the dust when working in the air, the use of the process should be promptly turned off the power for cleaning.

(2) Industrial exhaust fan: mainly used for forced air convection. The fan is easy to get a lot of dust under the fan blade after a long time of use. This is the electric fan at work, due to the fan blade and air friction and the fan blade with static electricity, charged objects can attract small objects in nature, thus adsorbing small dust caused by indoor floating.

Now there is a portable mini fan, that can be charged by USB cable, lightweight and portable, more and more loved by the majority of consumers. However, in Europe and the United States, the popularity of portable fans is not very high, due to high labor costs, rarely using air conditioning, and more or using the traditional large floor fan, not convenient to save and move. This portable mini fan can be a good solution to this series of problems, we now divide the portable mini fan into desktop fans, handheld fans, folding fans, outdoor fans, waist fans, and neck fans

About the classification of fans:

Time-controlled electric fan

Just set the time when the fan works and it will turn on and off on time according to your setting.

Sound-controlled electric fan

This kind of sound-controlled electric fan developed by the U.S. General Electric Company is equipped with a miniature electronic receiver, just clap your hands twice in a row at a place, not more than 3 meters, and the fan will run automatically; if you clap your hands three times in a row, the fan will stop automatically.

Cooling wind electric fan

A new type of fan combined with a refrigerator has been launched in the European market. The fan has a cooling core and a mixed liquid in the central cylinder of the movement.

Noiseless electric fan

Mitsubishi Japan developed this almost noiseless electric fan, equipped with special bird-wing blades, which can produce a vortex airflow, and the use of DC motors, without protective cover, very suitable for microcomputers, word processors, photocopiers on the premises.

Lighthead electric fan

This electric fan invented in the United States can be installed on the light bulb head, small and exquisite, as long as there is a light bulb installed on the head can be used, not only easy to install, and can save energy.

Four-season electric fan

Germany produced this four-season electric fan, equipped with far-infrared heaters and negative ion generators, which can send cool breeze in summer, hot breeze in winter, and negative ion wind all year round, with cool and warm, purify the air and prevent disease and health effects.

Matchbox electric fan

France developed this miniature fan, the size of a matchbox, the thickness of 14 mm, length of 62 mm, weighing only 45 grams, using 12 to 24 volts of direct current, two watts of power, continuous service life of up to 10,000 hours.

Fuzzy micro-controlled electric fan

Toshiba Japan launched this advanced electric fan, with strong, ordinary, weak, and other 7 levels of airflow, according to the sensor to determine the temperature and humidity, and automatically select the best air delivery. If someone touches the net cover, it will automatically stop the rotation.

Anti-finger electric fan

Robertson Industries introduced two new fans, as long as the human finger touches the outer cover of this fan, it will send an electrical pulse signal to its control system so that the fan will stop rotating to avoid finger injury.

Small electric fan

Suitable for the summer when you go out or have no cooling tools around, this fan and there are many, useful batteries, rechargeable, USB interface, summer is also a good tool.

Metal fans

Metal fan, also known as a metal fan, metal electric fan, refers to the electric fan manufacturing materials are metal, such as iron and copper. In developed countries in Europe and the United States, metal fans have become a senior home decorative item with their unique artistic flavor and metallic texture, and are welcomed and loved by the majority of consumers. This trend has been brought to China by Kang Yi Jiu and is affecting more and more families.

latest company news about How to Find A Suitable Mini Fan?  1


2. All Parts For Fans


latest company news about How to Find A Suitable Mini Fan?  2


As we all know, a fan includes the fan mask、fan leaf(blades)、fan rear cover、electric machinery、telescopic pipe, and a button, some fans may have a remote control.

Every part also has an important function. The following points must be noted in order to reduce low noise during use.

System impedance: airflow resistance will cause the flow of air noise generation.

The turbulence of airflow: the turbulence of air caused by the poor design of the flow channel will have high-frequency noise, if the flow channel is not improved it is difficult to improve the quality.

Fan speed and size: the faster the fan speed the better the cooling effect, the larger the size of the fan the greater the air volume, and the better the cooling effect. The higher the speed of the fan, the higher the noise, and the larger the size, the higher the noise.

The rise of temperature: The temperature difference decreases when the temperature rises, then the cooling effect decreases.

Vibration: Vibration will cause the noise of the fan to rise, reduce the life span as well as reduce the speed.

Voltage fluctuations: Voltage fluctuations can cause changes in fan speed, making the work unstable and generating additional noise.

Design considerations: Some other design requirements must also be taken into account to ensure the cooling effect.

(1) The distance of the fan into the wind: 3-5mm distance is the most basic point

3mm - the fan's efficiency is 80%

4mm - the fan's efficiency is 90%

5 mm - the fan's performance is 100%

(2) Different air inlets and outlets will cause a great change in airflow resistance, of course, the larger the opening of the inlet and outlet, the better.

(3) Do not place blocking objects (such as chips and interfaces, etc.) near the air inlet of the fan, otherwise, the airflow of the fan will be reduced.

(4) It is better to use rubber to fix the fan rather than metal screws, which can avoid vibration.

(5) Space design of the fan. For the efficiency of the fan, noise, must ensure that the distance between the fan blade and the fan casing is 5 to 10 mm. the fan blade must be close to Tongue to obtain better efficiency.


3. About Fan's Blades

Fan blades largely determine the fan's air volume, wind speed, and duration.

Fan blade from the number of blades, there are three leaves, four leaves, five leaves, six leaves, seven leaves, and today's more popular turbo fan blade, but also according to the demand for custom fan blade number, from the size of the fan blade, there are 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, 4.5 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches, and custom fan blade size

In the case of the same motor power, the motor of the electric fan with more blades needs to bear a greater load, and the number of fan revolutions is smaller than that of the electric fan with fewer blades.

In the case of the same number of revolutions, the electric fan with more blades outputs more wind power and sends a wider range of air.

Under the same rotation speed, the electric fan with fewer blades has more noise, while the electric fan with more blades has less noise.

The electric fan with more blades cuts the air into smaller pieces, and the wind blows out much softer, with a large blowing range and a high degree of human comfort.

The price of an electric fan with more blades is higher than that of a three-page fan, which has a different cost.

In order to protect the use effect, the motor power of the fan with more blades is higher than that of the three-page fan, which means that it consumes more electricity.

In summary, the number of blades of the electric fan experience is better than the number of blades of electric fans. It should be noted that some miscellaneous electric fans, will also imitate five, and seven-blade electric fans, but the speed is lower, the blade is very narrow, and the use of experience is not as good as the three-blade electric fan when buying must be carefully identified.

Fan wind size and the blade is not off, and only the fan power is related. That is, people often say the size of the motor, the greater the motor power, the faster the fan rotation, and the stronger the wind, too. As a household appliance, not as many blades as the aircraft engine, both unnecessary and unnecessary.

4. About Fan's Motor

A Brush motor has high starting torque and a high failure rate; the brushless motor works smoothly and has a low failure rate.

The new brushless DC motor fan is quieter, more power-saving, and longer life than the traditional motor fan.

Our daily use of the fan is driven by the motor fan blade rotation to affect the airflow, generally for the fan motor, the use of the more brushless motor, because the fan needs to run for a long time, only a brushless motor meets this requirement, while the brush DC motor can not meet this, so the fan motor to brushless motor applications most.

But for some small fans, miniature brush DC motors can also be very good to meet the requirements of use, such as handheld fan motors, and USB fan motors can be used as brush miniature DC motors. Miniature brush DC motor speed control is simple, unlike brushless motors are more complex, in addition, the brush miniature DC motor cost is low, coupled with the price of handheld fans is not high, so brush DC motor in handheld fans, office USB fan applications are very much.

Although it is said that the use of a brushless motor will be better, for cost reasons, almost few people in the small fan with a brushless motor, because the cost is high, the price of the product will also increase, and like USB small fan products, the use of brush and the brushless motor gap is not too big, basically on a service life factor, brush motor brush wear life is lower than the brushless motor, but for micro and small products, these are negligible.

Handheld fan / USB fan brush motor recommended to use 020 micro DC motor, 140 micro DC motor or 370 micro motor can be, these are round motor, the volume is also relatively small, lightweight, very suitable for small fan products, the market is also a lot of this model of micro motor, but 370 micro motor volume will be slightly larger, USB fans can be used, handheld Small fans, consider using the 020 and 140 motors can be. There are more popular bladeless fans that can also use 020 or 370 micro motors, of course, only small bladeless fans are applicable, if it is a relatively large fan, the choice of fan motor or consider brushless motor. So when we choose a small fan motor, we not necessarily only consider brushless motors, sometimes brush DC motors can also be very good to meet the needs of all aspects.

Of course, 020/140/370 miniature DC motors are not only used in fans, they have many applications, such as beauty apparatus, electric toys, electric screwdrivers, massage appliances, and various other electric products.


5. About Fan's Battery

The mini fan we usually use ternary lithium batteries (NCM), rated voltage 3.6V, lithium batteries have a high single capacity, low internal resistance, can be discharged at high current, no memory effect, and can be used at any time for charging and discharging, Usually, batteries are subject to strict inspection, and the battery manufacturing company to have the relevant product certification, and different countries have different requirements, there have been too many transport accidents caused by problems with the battery, so we must pay attention to this issue

lithium battery has the following points:

1. Ternary lithium battery (NCM): 300-500 times; lithium batteries for automobiles have a long life of 800-2000 cycles, lithium battery life is much longer than the battery life, and lithium batteries do not require routine maintenance, low after-sales costs.

2. Ternary lithium battery (NCM): 150-220Wh/kg, the same volume of lithium batteries can do much larger capacity than lead-acid batteries.

3. The charging time of a lithium battery is 2-4h, and the charging and discharging efficiency of a lithium-ion battery can be greater than 99%, i.e., the battery can be nearly completely discharged after being fully charged.

4. The size of a lithium battery can be changed at will and customized according to customer requirements. The lithium battery is easy to install because of its small size and lightweight, and the size can be flexibly controlled, so it can be built into the box, and for a solar road, it can be hung outside the pole or placed under the solar panel without digging, saving labor cost and convenient after-sales service. For other applications, the installation position can be customized according to the requirements

5. Lithium batteries are pollution-free in production and use. No harmful substances such as lead are contained. The battery is approved by UN38.3, MSDS, shipping report, air freight report, etc. The battery is equipped with a protection plate for safe and reliable performance. National policy strongly supports it.

6. Monthly self-discharge: ternary lithium battery (NCM): <8%

6. After Sale For Fans

When selecting a fan, pay attention to the following four points.

1. Certification: consumers in the purchase of electric fans, to read the manual, to see whether the mandatory certification quality system certification, whether there are standards of inspection and other certification; at the same time now advocate "environmental protection and low-carbon", but also to see whether to achieve national energy efficiency standards.

2. Small noise: the main component of the electric fan to create noise is the motor, in the selection of electric fans must listen to the motor running noise, see whether it is running jitter, whether smooth; good motor so that you can hear the wind in a quiet environment, only the wind "whispering", the ultra-quiet wind is a good fan.

3. No odor: odor is the smell generated by the insulating paint coating on the copper of the electric fan when it is in operation.

4. Electrical safety: the safety requirements for electric fans and the national standards are very detailed, and consumers can also conduct a simple test. For qualified fans, the general adult fingers can not pass through the net cover and touch the front edge of the fan blade, families with children should choose the net cover dense electric fan.

Use and maintenance:

1. Before use, you should read the instruction manual in detail to fully grasp the structure, performance, and installation of electric fans, use and maintenance methods, and precautions.

2. Desktop and floor standing electric fans must use three-pronged plugs and sockets with safety grounding wires; ceiling fans should be installed in high ceiling positions and can be installed without grounding wires.

3. The fan blade is an important part of an electric fan and must be protected from deformation whether it is installed, disassembled, scrubbed, or used.

4. Operation of the various functions of the switch, button, or knob, the action can not be too violent, too fast, and can not press two buttons at the same time.

5. Ceiling fan speed knob should be slowly rotated in order, should not be rotated between the gear position, otherwise it is easy to make the ceiling fan heat and burn the machine.

6. Electric fan of oil or ash, should be removed in a timely manner. Can not use gasoline or strong alkali liquid wipe, so as not to damage the surface paint parts of the function.

7. Electric fans in the process of use, such as hot hands, abnormal burnt smell, shaking head does not work, slow speed and other failures, do not continue to use, should promptly cut off the power supply repair.

8. Collection of electric fans before the surface should be thoroughly cleaned of oil and dust, wipe with a dry soft cloth, and then wrapped in kraft paper or clean cloth. The storage location should be dry and ventilated to avoid extrusion.